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Defending Juvenile Cases

Under California law, a minor may be charged with nearly any criminal offense that can be charged against an adult. At the same time, the juvenile courts operate under an entirely different set of rules and procedures than adult courts. For example, juveniles in custody are not entitled to bail and they don't have a right to a jury. Juveniles can also be interrogated by police officers without their parents' consent or knowledge.

The goal of the juvenile justice system is rehabilitation instead of punishment. Even so, your child will be at a major disadvantage in a criminal case unless you hire a lawyer experienced in the juvenile courts. Do not put your child's welfare and future in the hands of less skilled counsel. If your child has been arrested for a crime, contact a Long Beach criminal defense lawyer knowledgeable in juvenile cases for reliable legal representation.

Juvenile Case Lawyer in Long Beach

Leonard Matsuk is a member of the board of directors, volunteer instructor and past president of Project Shortstop, a widely known and respected juvenile diversion program. He has extensive experience practicing before the juvenile courts, and has represented hundreds of minors over the years in both misdemeanor and felony cases, including murder and conspiracy.

There are many ways the court can address juvenile crimes, including:

  • Informal probation
  • Formal probation
  • Fines
  • Detention
  • Community supervision
  • Treatment programs
  • Diversion

Attorney Leonard Matsuk's longstanding interest in the welfare of minors arrested and brought before the juvenile courts, as well as his years of juvenile case litigation, will make him a confident advocate and defender of your child's rights. Whenever possible he will seek a reduction of charges or case dismissal, in addition to minimal and alternative sentencing

Contact a Long Beach Juvenile Lawyer from Law Office of Leonard Matsuk for competent representation if your child has been arrested for a crime.

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  • Charges Reduced Client Charged in Federal Court with Multiple Counts of Drug Sales
  • No Time in Custody & No Probation Client Charged with Conspiring to Sell Marijuana
  • Case Dismissed Client Charged with Assault with a Deadly Weapon
  • Charges Dismissed Client Charged with Battery on a Police Officer
  • Charges Dismissed Client Charged with Child Endangerment
  • Not Guilty Client Charged with Robbery After Police Chase
  • Not Guilty Client Accused of Assaulting a Victim Inside Their Home
  • Case Dismissed Father of Three Accused of Child Abuse

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